JHC survivor connect

JHC survivor connect

Our Holocaust survivors understand better than most of us how to practise resilience in the face of an enduring crisis.

Now our courageous survivors are in physical isolation and missing the contact they looked forward to each week, coming to the JHC and meeting students. And even worse, they feel cut off from their purpose: to educate future generations in the hope of making the world a better place.

One of the messages Holocaust survivors convey to students and visitors to the museum is the importance of treating all humans as equals and worthy of life. Despite the difficulty in telling their painful stories over and over again, they regard it as a public duty to tell the world of the dangers of hatred and racism.

We need to reach out to them today and let them know we are thinking of them, we value them and we are still listening to their stories online via this website.

You may have met one or more of our survivors and would like to contact them today. Please write them a letter, send it to us as an email and we will ensure they receive it. They would love to hear from you.

Below you will find photos and names of JHC Holocaust survivors. Click on their names to see their video testimony. More video testimonies will soon be available.

Please email us at communications@jhc.org.au with a message or letter addressed to one or more of the Holocaust survivors and we will ensure they receive your letters of support.

In these times more than ever, we need to stay connected.