Simcha donations – sharing the joy of celebration

Simcha donations

Requesting a donation to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in-lieu of a gift is a unique way to celebrate your special occasion, and provides the JHC with tangible support

The JHC can organise personalised in-lieu giving coupons for you to give to your guests.

Alternatively you can create your own online simcha page. A simcha page is one place where all your guests may make donations and leave messages. Create your own personalised page in 3 easy steps and then print this link on your invitation Each message is sent to you by email and your donor is immediately receipted. All donations and messages are private. Enjoy your simcha without worrying about cash or cheques! Click here to get started.

To find out more about in-lieu giving, or to organise donation coupons for your simcha or event, please contact the administration office on 9528 1985 or

Lucy and Sarah Zilberman who chose to donate to the JHC instead of receiving gifts for their Bat-mitzvah. Together they donated almost $10,000.

When planning a special occasion such as a birthday celebration, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement, wedding or any other simchah please consider encouraging your friends and family to make a donation to the Jewish Holocaust Centre.