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Let our survivors be your guide on this unique tour of the Jewish Holocaust Centre Museum.

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Museum pricing

Museum entry is free, however we accept a donation at the door. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.


Group bookings admission

Due to the sensitive nature of the content in this museum, we recommend that children no younger than 12 years old attend, and that children are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Schools = $7.50 per student

Other Groups = $ 15 adult $10 concession


Permanent exhibition

Our permanent exhibition takes the visitor on a captivating journey through the history of the Holocaust, where photos, artefacts and documents donated by Melbourne survivors provide evidence and illustration of life for Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Europe.

The exhibition is punctuated by audio-visual stations where local survivors testify to their eyewitness experiences, and artworks made by survivors also provide another layer of testimony.

Interactive multimedia kiosks allow for a deeper exploration of the topics, such as a country-by-country insight into the Holocaust. Our StoryPod kiosks enable visitors to explore survivor experiences in depth.

The centrepiece is the model of the Treblinka death camp, made by survivor Chaim Sztajer, one of very few survivors of that site of atrocity. It provides a chilling insight into one of a number of camps the Nazis built solely for the purposes of murdering people, most of whom were Jews.

A highlight of a visit is the opportunity to see up close the lead ring model that Jewish prisoner, Jozef Gross, made as the model to create a ring for Oskar Schindler while in Brunnlitz camp. This ring rests alongside 100 incredible ’ stories of people who saved Jews during the war.


Past exhibitions

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