Launch of Interactive Exhibition “Lodz: Strength of Hope”

As part of the annual Lodz Ghetto Commemoration to be held at the Jewish Holocaust Centre on Sunday morning 31 August, an online interactive exhibition will be launched, titled Lodz: Strength of Hope.

The online presentation comprises rescued documents and photographs from the World War Two period combined with eyewitness testimony to bring the experience of surviving the horrors of the Lodz Ghetto to life.

The Jewish Holocaust Centre has developed an interactive web-page as part of an initiative funded by the late Pinchas Wiener in memory of his brother Bono, one of the founders of the Jewish Holocaust Centre.

The interactive exhibition tells the incredible story of Bono Wiener, a politically astute young man involved in the Bund socialist movement in the Lodz Ghetto, who had the foresight to bury significant documents while in Lodz, just prior to its liquidation. Bono was assisted in this and other resistance activities in the ghetto by Abram Goldberg, long-term contributor to the JHC and still active as a JHC museum guide.