Tertiary students

This program is designed to serve undergraduate tertiary students in conjunction with the visiting lecturers. Through personal narrative, students are able to comprehend the enormity of the Holocaust.

We focus on engaging students to think creatively and critically in a post-truth world. Students examine the unfolding of the Holocaust, its perpetrators, victims and bystanders. This enables students to make meaningful connections to ongoing injustice, racism and mass atrocities in today’s world. Students are able to explore artefacts in our museum as well as the preservation of memory in today’s world.

The program includes:

  • An introductory discussion led by a member of the education team
  • A 15-minute video presentation, written and produced by the Education Department, which provides an overview of the Holocaust
  • A guided tour of the museum
  • Testimony of a Holocaust survivor
  • Final reflection and ceremony

Size of group – maximum 120 students
Length – 2 hours 15 minutes

Cost – we recommend a donation of $7.50 per student

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