Outreach Workshops

Let us come to you!

Recommended Year Levels: Years 5 – 12

Our team of expert educators can deliver meaningful Holocaust education experiences that support your unit of learning in the classroom.These custom built workshops are created to meet the specific learning outcomes of each group.

Cost: $10 per student (with a 50 student minimum)

Years 5 – 7 Outreach Workshops

Hide and Seek: Stories of Survival

This program has been modified so that we can deliver the program at your school.

This program includes:

  • Introduction to the Holocaust
  • Physically hiding and hiding in plain sight activities
  • Exploration of the JHC’s Virtual Museum
  • Recorded Holocaust Survivor testimony
  • Reflection

This program is supported by

The Power of Propaganda

This program explores the ways propaganda was used under National Socialism to shape attitudes in Germany between 1933 -1945. By examining artefacts and evidence and listening to survivor testimony, students will explore prejudice and stereotypes, as well as develop an understanding of how information can be manipulated.

This program includes:

  • An introductory discussion led by a member of the Education Team
  • A workshop exploring artefacts and evidence
  • Recorded testimony of a Holocaust survivor


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Years 8 – 12 Outreach Workshops

For more than 50 students, the JHC expert educators are able to come to your school and run a workshop that can be custom built to your learning focus. Below are some suggested topics.

  1. Introduction to the Holocaust – what, when, why and how?
  2. Exploring Fictional Narratives (Night/Boy in the Striped Pyjamas/Maus/ Once/ Book Thief/ I am Sasha/ Alexander Altmann)
  3. Cultural and Spiritual Resistance in the Holocaust
  4. Understanding the Holocaust through survivor testimony
  5. ‘How could one human being do that to another human being?’ Perpetrators, Collaborators and Bystanders

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