In Touch with Memory Program

Launching in Term 2 of 2020: New Holocaust education experience

At our temporary location, a short three minute walk from Caulfield Station, students will experience:

  • A new Handling Collection that will help students link the events of the Holocaust with documents, photos, artefacts and memories from that time.
  • A precious encounter with a Holocaust survivor where students can hear their testimony and ask questions.
  • An optional new Virtual Reality (VR) Experience called ‘Walk With Me’ that connects history with place. Students will experience Holocaust survivor John (Szaja) Chaskiel’s story by virtually visiting important sites, including where he lived in Poland, Auschwitz itself and, finally, his home in Melbourne. This will be available from Term 3 and will add an extra 30 minutess to the program.

Program details

* Led by Holocaust Educator

* Duration: 150 minutes

* Maximum of 50 students

* Location: Temporary premises, a short three minute walk from Caulfield Station

* Two sessions Monday-Friday:

  • Session 1: 9:30-12:00
  • Session 2: 12:30-15:00

Curriculum links

Levels 8—10


History: Historical concepts and skills. This program will give students a real opportunity to practise historical skills such as analysis and use of sources.

Civics and Citizenship: Students will have the opportunity to examine the role of laws in a democratic society and identify ways they can be active and informed citizens and take action, in different contexts.

English: This program gives students a ‘real life’ context for responding to literature on the Holocaust.

Ethical Capability

Intercultural Capability

Personal and Social Capability

VCE and VCAL (Units 1—4)

This program is relevant to the following VCE subjects:

English / VCE and VCAL

  • VCE Unit 1 & 3, Area Study 1,
    Reading and creating texts
  • VCE Unit 2 & 4, Area of Study 2,
    Reading and comparing texts
  • VCAL intermediate and senior,
    Reading, writing and oral communication


  • VCE Unit 1 Twentieth century history 1918–1939

Religion and Society

  • VCE Unit 2 Religion and Ethics


  • VCE Unit 2, Area of Study 2 – How are people influenced to behave in particular ways?

Customise your experience

Teachers may request a focus on specialised learning topics such as psychology or specific texts such as Night or Maus, by prior discussion with the Education team.

We will also offer a 2-D version of the immersive VR experience for students as an alternative. Please request this option when booking.

Child safety commitment

All children visiting or engaging with the JHC have a right to feel and be safe, respected, valued and protected from harm. The JHC is strongly committed to the safety and well being of all children who visit the museum, which deals with difficult themes and material. The JHC creates and maintains a child-safe environment.

Expression of interest

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