Understanding through Testimony

Understanding through Testimony 

Recommended Year Levels: Years 9 – 12

Meet 26 of our Melbourne Survivors in this program. The use of testimony is a powerful tool in the understanding of events and history. Firsthand accounts add individual voices to a collective experience and help us make meaning out of numbers and statistics.

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There are five compilations of testimonies in this resource that focus on the phases in the Holocaust

  1. The Rise of Nazism
  2. Outbreak of the war
  3. Ghettos
  4. The Camps
  5. Survival and Life after

Best viewed on a tablet or computer.

Each film is made up of 7-12 short, one minute, extracts of our survivor testimonies on a specific phase of the Holocaust. Through these films students will learn about the human impact of these five periods on the Jewish people.  The survivors come from different countries and were different ages when the Holocaust began. They provide their personal stories and memories of events and experiences during this period.

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