Classroom Webinar

Classroom Webinar

Recommended Year Levels: Years 9 – 12

The JHC specialist educators can deliver tailored, 1 hour, webinars for your classes. Register your interest using the form on this page and our team will be in touch to book in your webinar.

Below is a list of possible webinar topics to choose from.
1. Introduction to the Holocaust – what, when, why and how?

2. Cultural and Spiritual Resistance in the Holocaust

3. Using artefacts from the JHC collection to understand the Holocaust

4. Understanding the Holocaust through survivor testimony

5. ‘How could one human being do that to another human being?’ Perpetrators, Collaborators and Bystanders

6. Exploring ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel (or another text by negotiation)

7. Through the lens of the perpetrator – analysing Holocaust photographs

Cost: $5 per student (min. 20 students)

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Resources for Teachers & Students

For each virtual resource, the JHC Education team have written suggested learning activities and worksheets for students to complete. In addition, Teachers will find a specific guide with recommendations on some possible ways to use these resources in the classroom.

To view the free resources, please click the below button to complete your registration form and receive a password. All resources are only available via registration.

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