Ask a Survivor

Ask a Survivor

Recommended Year Levels: Years 9 – 12

In this interactive experience, you will have the opportunity to ask Holocaust survivors one of 18 commonly posed questions. These questions were curated by the education team and based on thousands of student interactions with our survivors at the JHC.

The views expressed in these videos are those of the survivors.

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Meet our featured survivors


Sarah was born in Poland in 1926. She hid as soon as deportations to Auschwitz began and survived by pretending to be Christian.


Tuvia and his family were sent into the Lodz Ghetto after the German invasion. Upon arrival at Auschwitz, Tuvia survived the ‘selection.’


Fryda was 15 at the outbreak of war. New laws were immediately introduced in Sosnowiec and life changed completely for the Jewish inhabitants.


Paul was very young when Germany invaded France. He was hidden throughout the war and after many close encounters with Nazis, he survived.

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