Child Survivor resources

Dr Paul Valent

Provided by Dr. Paul Valent, founding president of the CSH Melbourne Group. Click here to access Dr. Valent’s site.


Paul Valent (2002). Child Survivors of the Holocaust. New York: Brunner-Routledge.

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Child survivors; A review. In J. Kestenberg & C. Kahn (Eds.). Children Surviving Persecution: An International Study of Trauma and Healing. Praeger: New York. P 109-123

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Effects of the Holocaust on Jewish child survivors; A review of their traumas and after-effects over 50 years

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“Documented childhood trauma (Holocaust): Its sequelae and applications to other traumas”. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. 2:81-90

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“Ripples of the Holocaust”. Talk at Jewish Museum, Melbourne. 3 July 2006

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