The JHC Library

The thousands of books housed in the Centre's multi-lingual collection covers the rise of Nazism and World War II as well as post-Holocaust analyses. Recent additions to the library include prose and books written by local survivors, copies of reports and papers presented at selected Holocaust-related conferences, journals, periodicals, booklets from other museums and research centres around the world. Journals and documents are available in a number of languages, among them Hebrew, Yiddish, French, English, German, Hungarian, Russian and Polish.

There is a range of resources available to assist people researching their family history or planning a visit to Poland, such as maps, reference material and population data. A selection of Yizkor books (commemorative books of places and people) written in memory of those who were murdered, provide descriptions of once-thriving Jewish communities of Europe that have since disappeared. Another section of the library contains volumes listing the names of ghetto inmates as well as registers of survivors compiled after the war.

Rare or significant original books and paper records are housed separately from the general library, in environmentally controlled conditions that ensures their preservation. The Centre also holds copies of local publications, articles and newspaper clippings covering events run by the Holocaust Centre together with video recordings and photographs of functions, book launches, Holocaust commemorations and other special events. Access to these items can be obtained by prior appointment with the Centre.

The Library is linked to the Jewish Community Library Network, which combines the collections of the Makor library with those of six other Melbourne Jewish libraries. The on-line catalogue can be accessed at the Centre's library or via the internet at Lamm Jewish Library of Australia