Eyewitness: The Survivor's Voice

The JHC Eyewitness Project commenced in 2002 aiming to preserve the essence of the fifteen- minute talks given by survivor-guides to students, because we recognised that the survivors’ personal stories enabled students to engage with history and events that were otherwise alien to them and difficult to understand.

We also wanted to ensure that their voices live on in the museum for years to come.

Forty ‘Eyewitness’ recordings were produced, each of approximately fifteen minutes’ duration.

Below are a number of these recordings for you to view.  Please click on the images of each survivor to hear their story in their own words.

Abe Goldberg


Abraham Kolski


Adele Jarzebski


Arnold Erlanger AM


Danka Schnall


David Prince


Floris Kalman


Halina Zylberman


Henri Korn


Irma Hanner


Jack Fogel


John Chaskiel


Sonia Wajcman


Sonia Wajsenberg


Stephanie Heller


Willy Lermer


Zosia Gettler


Concept: Sue Wright, Eileen Wright and Dora Oliver
Interviewers: Eileen Wright and Dora Oliver
Funded by the Cass Foundation (2002) and the Ian Potter Foundation (2004).