Departments of the JHC

Together with the administrative support team and Development Office, the Centre has four departments:  Education, Community, Collections and Research.



Lisa Phillips - Director of Education

As Director of Education Lisa is responsible for the school educational program, training guides and developing educational material for schools and the public.

departments-educationThe Centres education department works with students from a large cross section of primary schools, secondary schools and universities.  In 2010 over 20,000 students attended education programs at the Centre.  Education programs are also conducted for the guides and members of the general public.



Community & Research

Michael Cohen - Community Relations Coordinator & Head of Research

Michael, who migrated to Australia from South Africa in January 1977, was vice-principal of Bialik College, Melbourne, for 20 years. He resigned from the College at the end of 2009 to pursue doctoral studies in South African anti-Semitism, an area of research which complements his work at the Centre. He was brought to Australia by Mount Scopus Memorial College, having previously served as vice-principal of the secondary division of Cape Town’s United Herzlia schools, and taught at Mount Scopus for ten years.He has been involved in adult education and Jewish communal life.


Dr Michael Cohen serves as the Director of Community Relations and Research.  The Community Relations Department coordinates the interface between the Jewish Holocaust Centre and the wider community.  Major events such as memorials and museum openings, guest speakers, visits by international dignitaries and Australian political representatives are overseen by this department.

The Research Department oversees the research of post-graduate university students and others who conduct projects at the JHC. This includes scholarship recipients. The department also works closely with the Centre’s annual Scholar-in-Residence and the JHC Genocide Studies Scholar, and coordinates in-house research.


departments-foundersThe Centre is proud of its Founders and Survivors and cares for these members of the community through a variety of educational and support activities.




Jayne Josem - Curator and Head of Collections

Jayne is Curator and Head of Collections at the Jewish Holocaust Museum where she has been employed since 2001, following completion of a Masters degree in Public History at Monash University. In 2010 she completed a major project at the JHC which involved a total refurbishment of the permanent museum display. Jayne focuses, among other things, on improving access to the JHC collection, including its video testimony archive.

departments-collectionsOur new museum space and exhibition was the culmination of work undertaken by the Collections and Curatorial Department with support from the other departments at the Centre and the wider community.  Outstanding community support has allowed us to collect and exhibit priceless artefacts from the Holocaust period using the most cutting edge technologies.  This department coordinates safekeeping of more than 1,300 testimonies of Holocaust survivors who settled in Australia.




Warren Fineberg - Executive Director

Warren Fineberg is a former school teacher who has worked in senior roles in some of Melbourne’s leading secondary schools. He has worked as a research fellow at Monash University and has held research positions in the Victorian Education Department. Warren holds a Bachelor of Science, a Diploma of Education and a Master of Educational Studies.

departments-researchThere is a large volume of information still to collect and understand from the Holocaust period.  Our Research Department is charged with the responsibility of working through the material and helping others to understand the period leading up to the Holocaust, its devastating effects on Europe and on Jewish life, and the post-war trauma suffered by many survivors and their descendants.




departments-adminOur administration department ensures the smooth running of the museum and our finances. Donations to the Centre are understood to be a gift to the community and as such are disbursed with great care and full accountability.  The experience of several members of our Board of Directors ensures good financial planning and spending.